Building upon the success of our Apple Rewind award-winning app Van Gogh HD, and with the same attention to detail, quality, and care given to all our previous single-artists apps, overdamped is proud to bring you the next generation in Museum Apps for iOS – Art HD.

Our new universal app, Art HD, takes everything users and critics loved about our single-artists apps, and we address the biggest from customers. We now present a single app for all your art viewing desires. Download our app today and you’ll find access to a vast world of art, artists and museums all yours to download when you want, and stored with us the rest of the time.

We have all the artists you are used to seeing from us, like Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Monet and of course Van Gogh. And we’ve added Modern Art from Matisse, Miro, Klee to name just a few.

Our collections are as close to complete as copyright law and access allow, and are divided into galleries by period so you get to know the artists you love in a deeper more meaningful way.

We’re most excited about one new feature in particular. We now offer not only special artist packages to save you money, but we’ve also worked with the great art museums of the world to bring their amazing permanent collections to you like you’ve never seen them before. You can visit the Louvre, and Musee d’Orsay in France, then hop over to St Petersburg to see the treasures of The Hermitage. The Tate sits beside The Uffizi, abutting the Chicago Art Institute –it’s an art-lovers playground!

As always we have a selection of handpicked music to accompany your tours, and now with Art HD you can be the classical DJ as you chose from wonderful tracks that bring light and life to these treasures.

The most important works are linked to Wikipedia so you have the chance to delve deeper without leaving the app. New to Art HD you can also make a personal gallery picking works from any collection you own to express your unique taste.

Have you purchased one or more of our individual artists apps already? Well don’t worry; just contact us with proof of purchase and we’ll happily unlock that content in Art HD free of charge.

Visit our new shop to browse and purchase specific artists, or pick from discounted collections by movement, museum, or country, or unlock all content existing and forthcoming with a special VIP All Access pass and bring a world of art with you wherever you go.

Most of all please share your comments and thoughts in the app. We bring you Art HD as a labor of love, and want you to join us in building an art-lover’s community like no other!

Art HD includes the following artists:

•Van Gogh •Monet •Renoir

•Da Vinci •Rembrandt •Michelangelo

•Vermeer •Degas •Gauguin

•Matisse •Goya •Kandinsky

•Chagall •Caravaggio •Miro

•Munch •Klee •El Greco

And dozens more!

Packages include:










We also have packages that focus on specific countries.

Museums include:

•Musei Vaticani

•Musee du Louvre

•Museo del Prado

•Hermitage Museum

•Musee d’Orsay

•Art Institute of Chicago


•Galleria deglia Uffizi

And more!

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